Luis G. Oquendo : Biography and Filmography

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Luis G. Oquendo

Luis G. Oquendo(1925-1992)was born on 24,March 1925 in the largest Cuban city Havana.In 1965,he permanently immigrated to Florida to continue his career.

Luis was a Cuban-American actor and before going into film and television industry he was popular and well known for his acting on radio.

Luis G. Oquendo

Luis G. Oquendo

In the year of 1969, he paired him with the actress Norma Zúñiga when Oquendo was participated in the recording of a radio soap opera “Cachucha y Ramon”.

Luis G. Oquendo

Luis G. Oquendo and Velia Martinez in the PBS series ¿Que Pasa USA?

In 1977-1979, Luis portrayed the character of Grandfather Antonio in the PBS series ‘’ ¿Que Pasa USA? ‘’ and then he reached to the apex of popularity.

He was also known for his drama “La maldición de mi raza” which was performed in 1965 and “La virgen de la calle” in 1967.

Luis G. Oquendo in the Spanish soap operas, Marielena

Luis G. Oquendo in the Spanish soap operas, Marielena

After that, in 1983, he was appeared in the movie Guaguasi which was directed by Jorge Ulla.

In the year of 1990; Luis performed the role Governor Villanueva in the movie ‘’ A Show of Force ‘’ with Robert Duvall and Andy Garcia.

Oquendo was also in the Spanish soap opera “El Magnate and Marielena “.


He was suffered from stomach cancer and died on 25 August 1992 by heart attack on the time of operation.

He died in the age of 67 and on the time of death he was in Hialeah, Florida, USA.

1965La maldición de mi razaDrama
1967La virgen de la calleDrama
1977-1980¿Que Pasa USA?ComedyAbuelo Antonio
1990A Show of ForceDramaGovernor Villanueva

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